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Pittsburgh lawyers answering your divorce questions

Margaret P. Joy Answers Your Divorce Questions

Margaret Joy, Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney
  • What are common issues for business owners during & after divorce?
  • If someone works in their spouse's business, what happens in divorce?
  • Will a judge average 2 very different valuations for a business?
  • What if an owner doesn't declare all income of a cash-based business?

Jennifer M. McEnroe Answers Your Divorce Questions

Jennifer McEnroe, Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney
  • In PA, how is parental decision-making & time with children allocated?
  • At what age does a child’s preference control custody determination?
  • How is a child’s preference regarding custody provided to the court?
  • Can one parent relocate with the children during or after divorce?
  • In Pennsylvania, what are the methods of resolving a custody dispute?

Brian S. Rosinski Answers Your Divorce Questions

Brian Rosinski, Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney
  • Is there any gain/loss when transferring assets to an ex-spouse?
  • What documentation or records are required to transfer the assets?
  • Are there tax concerns in high-net-worth property division?
  • Is most of a professional practice's value in the owner/professional?
  • How do you protect your accounts (from bank to email) during divorce?

Kathryn J. Rosinski Answers Your Divorce Questions

Kathryn Rosinski, Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney
  • How do spousal support, alimony pendente lite, and alimony differ?
  • How is spousal support or APL awarded? Can they be modified?
  • How is income determined when calculating spousal support or APL?
  • Could mortgage payments be considered spousal support and/or APL?
  • Is alimony always modifiable? Is so, how can it be modified?

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